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No Going Back

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One Jump Ahead
First in the Jon & Lobo series

One Jump Ahead


Jon Moore: A nanotech-enhanced warrior who wants nothing more than a quiet life and a way back to his home world. Lobo: An AI-enhanced Predator-Class Assault Vehicle, a mobile fortress equipped for any environment from the seabed to interstellar space.

Jon Moore wanted only to relax on the pristine planet of Macken—but Macken was the secret battleground of two megacorporations, both determined to control the local jump gate and the riches of an undeveloped world. Jon was too valuable a tool not to be used, willing or not. What the corporations didn't realize was that Moore had a mind of his own and a conscience that wouldn't let him quit until he'd righted the wrong they'd tricked him into making. And Moore has Lobo on his side. . . .

“Just when I was thinking science fiction might be over, Mark Van Name proves that there are still smart, exciting, emotional sci-fi stories to be told . . . In Jon Moore, Van Name has created a hero who is worth at least a dozen more novels. I want this to be a series. I want to read a new one every year. More often would be nice.”  —Orson Scott Card

“. . . a page-turner. . . because Moore’s struggle to be an honorable and human person in a brutal universe is genuinely compelling.”  —Charlie Jane Anders, io9.com

“Many twists and turns of plot make One Jump Ahead outstanding action.” —Midwest Book Review

“. . . alive with fast-paced action, wild ideas, and characters to root for. A joy to read.” —Jack McDevitt

One Jump Ahead is like well-aged white lightning: it goes down smooth then delivers a kick that knocks you on the floor. . . . Mark's going to be the guy to beat in the race to the top of SFdom.” —John Ringo

“Hard real science smoothly blended into action that blazes like a pinball from one exotic setting to another. This one is very, very good.” —David Drake 

 “One Jump Ahead is the sort of—dare I say it?—old-fashioned SF adventure tale that I dote on . . . [with a] headlong pace of story-telling.” —Eric Flint

Slanted Jack
Second in the Jon & Lobo series

Slanted Jack

The job looks simple enough:  Jon Moore, the nanotech-enhanced, world-weary, ex-soldier-of-fortune, agrees to help a con man, a friend from a part of his past he’d rather forget. The task: protect a very special young boy. The deal doesn’t stay simple, though, as each move Jon and Lobo make results in more danger and more enemies. The situation grows even more complicated when a beautiful woman with an unclear agenda joins them in their quest.

The best con man Jon’s ever known, a ruthless gang boss, a heavily armed group of religious fanatics, and an interstellar government out to clean up a dangerous frontier world hurtle together toward an explosive climax—and Jon and Lobo are caught in the middle.

“Van Name’s flair for witty dialogue, breakneck pacing and nonstop action . . . . make this high-powered sequel . . . an undeniable page-turner.” —Publishers Weekly

“Anyone who appreciates space opera at an incredible acceleration will enjoy the latest escapades of the universe's greatest soldier and his sidekick.”  —Alternative Worlds

“. . . Van Name’s second novel about Jon Moore and Lobo offers more plot twists and excitement. . . . It is fun science-fiction and entertaining summer reading.” —The Galveston County Daily News

Overthrowing Heaven
Third in the Jon & Lobo series

Overthrowing Heaven


It began as a favor to a woman trying to get away from an abusive household.

Jon Moore grew up on an island of outcasts and in a prison laboratory. When he escaped, memories of the things he’d done still haunted him and he often helped those in need. His kindnesses frequently didn’t work out well. This one really didn’t work out well.

It hurled Jon and Lobo, the intelligent assault vehicle and Jon’s only friend, down an accelerating, dangerous spiral involving: private armies and government covert ops teams; a courtesan who always seems a step ahead of him; rival superpowers that define ethics as whatever doesn’t get in their way; and a brilliant, amoral scientist to whom human beings are just more experimental animals—and who might be Lobo’s creator.

Jon and Lobo take the reader on a headlong rush through armed enemies and untrustworthy allies and encounter what just might be the worst danger their partnership will face: the truth.

“pedal-to-the-metal narrative and nonstop action will satisfy most adventure SF fans.” —Publishers Weekly

“Highly, highly recommended; fun, great heroes, great action, but heartbreak and tragedy too . . .” —Fantasy Book Critic

Children No More
Fourth in the Jon & Lobo series

Children No More


Jon Moore knew that better than most, having learned to fight to survive before he’d hit puberty. So when a former comrade asks for his help in rescuing a group of children pressed into service by rebels on a planet no one cares to save, he agrees. Only later does he realize he’s signed up to do far more than he’d ever imagined.

Jon’s commitment hurtles him and Lobo, the hyper-intelligent assault vehicle who is his only real friend, into confrontations with the horrors the children have experienced and with a dark chapter from his past. The mission grows ever more complicated as Jon and Lobo rush straight into the darkness at the heart of humanity to save the child soldiers—and then face an even tougher challenge:

When we’ve trained our children to kill, what do we do with them when the fighting is over?

“. . . powered by breakneck pacing and military-nuanced action and adventure . . . [a] cerebral—and enriching—read.” —Publishers Weekly

"This one will both enhance both SF collections and the author's reputation." —Booklist

No Going Back
Fifth in the Jon & Lobo series

No Going Back


Jon and Lobo are back–and everything is about to change.

If they both survive.

Haunted by memories of children he could not save, Jon Moore is so increasingly self-destructive that even his best friend, the hyper-intelligent Predator-Class Assault Vehicle, Lobo, is worried. When Jon risks meeting a woman from his distant past and undertakes a high-stakes mission, Lobo fears this will be their last.

The job is illegal.

They have to take on one of the oldest, most powerful men alive.

Two different security forces are tracking them.

And Jon is falling in love.

Desperate and out of options on a world so inhospitable that its statues and monuments outnumber its living inhabitants, Jon and Lobo encounter their deadliest challenges yet. They must make decisions from which there truly is


". . . one of my highly recomended novels of 2012 .” —Fantasy Book Critic

Jump Gate Twist
Omnibus edition that contains One Jump Ahead, Slanted Jack, and over 15,000 words of new material

Jump Gate Twist


Jon Moore: A nanotech-enhanced wanderer who wants nothing more than a quiet life and a way back to his strange home world. Lobo: An incredibly intelligent machine equipped for any environment from the sea to interstellar space. Two battle-scarred veterans unwilling to tolerate injustice. Together in a jam-packed collection that includes:

One Jump Ahead: The first Jon & Lobo novel, in which they struggle to save an innocent girl caught in a conflict between two megacorporations to control the riches of an undeveloped world.

Slanted Jack: Jon agrees to help a con man, a friend from a part of his past he’d rather forget, protect a very special young boy, and nothing is ever simple again.

“My Sister, My Self,” the short story that introduced Jon Moore. Unavailable for over 25 years.

“Lobo, Actually,” the first solo Lobo tale—a Christmas story.

Plus new introductions and afterwords by the author.

Whether you’ve never heard of Jon & Lobo or already own all their adventures, you’ll want this bargain-priced collection on your shelf!


Onward Drake

Onward, Drake!

TOP AUTHORS PAY TRIBUTE TO A MASTER. David Drake has left an indelible mark on the science fiction and fantasy genres. He is considered the Grand Master of Military Science Fiction. Now, top authors in the field pay tribute to the man and his work in this all-new collection of stories and essays.

David Drake has left an indelible mark on the science fiction and fantasy genres. Now, top authors in the science fiction and fantasy field pay tribute to the man and his work in this all-new collection of stories and essays.

Best-selling author David Drake has been creating topnotch military science fiction, space opera, and fantasy novels and stories for decades. In this all-original collection that appears as Drake is a Special Guest of the 2015 World Fantasy Convention, a stellar line-up of writers pays tribute to Drake with stories as broad in range as his own fiction. Each one comes with an illuminating afterword explaining the connection of the story to Drake and his work.  

In Eric Flint’s “A Flat Affect” a king is no match for a pair of storytellers

Gene Wolfe takes us to a strange and wondrous future in “Incubator”

Larry Correia examines what it’s like to face Hammer’s Slammers from “The Losing Side”

S.M. Stirling offers an insider’s view of “Working with Dave, or, Inmates in Bellevue”

Mur Lafferty shows what happens when a fairy visitor receives an unexpected welcome in “The Crate Warrior, the Doppelganger, and the Idea Woman”

The book also features two new pieces from Drake himself: “The Great Wizard, Cabbage,” a comic historical fantasy, and “Save What You Can,” the first new Hammer’s Slammers story in nearly a decade!  

With more stories from editor Mark L. Van Name, Cecelia Holland, T.C. McCarthy, Barry N. Malzberg, Sarah Hoyt, Tony Daniel, John Lambshead, Hank Davis, Eric S. Brown, and Sarah Van Name, as well as appreciations from Baen Publisher Toni Weisskopf and Tor founder and Publisher Tom Doherty, Onward, Drake! is a collection that fans of Drake’s fiction—and anyone who enjoys a good story—will not want to miss!

About Onward, Drake!:
"[R]uns the gamut from light-hearted, humorous pieces to touching tributes to the work’s star, focusing largely on his military service. . . . Each story in the work pays tribute to some aspect of Drake and each tribute celebrates the life and contributions of one of the field’s masters." —Publishers Weekly

TranshumanCo-edited with T.K.F. Weisskopf


What it means to be humanis changing. . .

The rate of technological development is exploding. Diverse technologies such as computing, communications, genetics, biology, and nanotechnology are rapidly pushing humanity to a singularity, a point at which all the rules change and everything we assume about what it means to be human may no longer apply.

Will machines (or at least non-biological intelligences) be smarter than people? Will biological and computer-based intelligences merge to create new kinds of life? Will the very definition of humanity changeor will people continue to behave as they always have?

Leading science fiction writers such as Wil McCarthy, Esther Friesner, James P. Hogan, Hugo-winner David D. Levine, Dave Freer, Wen Spencer, Mark L. Van Name, and others tackle these questions and explore this strangest of new frontiers.

From a criminal given a last chance at life in a very new kind of existence to a man struggling to claim his own humanity, from battles in the depths of very strange spaces to an amazing new version of keeping up with the Joneses, the stories in Transhuman take you where no human has gone beforebut where many of us might go soon.

The Wild Side

The Wild Side

Hey Babe, Take a Walk on the Wild Side of Urban Fantasy

When night falls and the shadows stir, the adults come out to play!

In this all-new collection, ten top writers of fantasy, science fiction, and mystery explore the intersection of adventure and romance with tales of love, just plain lust, betrayal, and seduction that range in time from the present to over a century ago, in places from rural America to teeming London, and in tone from lighthearted comedy to noir.

Best-selling writers Tanya Huff, Caitlin Kittredge, and Toni L.P. Kelner join Dana Cameron, Sarah A. Hoyt, John Lambshead, Diana Rowland, Mark L. Van Name, and two hot new talents to create a dazzling cast of vampires, werewolves, witches, zombies, and more in a world where lovers are, literally, dying for it.

Co-edited with John Kessel and Richard Butner

Intersections: The Sycamore Hill Anthology

In 1994, some of the brightest stars of science fiction gathered for the Sycamore Hill workshop, putting their stories in the forge of their colleagues' collective critical wisdom. The result is Intersections, an original anthology on the cutting edge of the field.

"A terrific anthology with wonderful stories by great writers."Science Fiction Age

"This is one of the most impressive short story collections I have ever read."Vector

"This extraordinary collection presents the stories that came out of the 1994 conference, whose participants represent SF's cutting edge." Booklist


"Back Again," short story in Pandora 9, 1982

"My Sister, My Self," short story in the original anthology Isaac Asimov’s Tomorrow’s Voices, The Dial Press, 1984

"Happy Birthday," short story with Jack McDevitt in the original anthology The Further Adventures of the Joker, Bantam Books, 1990

"TV Time," short story in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, v15 # 4 & 5, No.169 & 170, April 1991. Reprinted in The Loch Moose Monster:  More Stories from Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Delacorte Press, 1993

"Burning Up," short story in the original anthology When the Music’s Over, Bantam Books, 1991

"Desert Rain," novella with Pat Murphy in the original anthology Full Spectrum 3, Bantam Books, 1991. Reprinted in The Year's Best Science Fiction, Ninth Annual Collection, St. Martin's Press, 1992.

"Missing Connections," novelette in the original anthology Intersections: The Sycamore Hill Anthology, Tor Books, 1996

"Basic Training," short story in the original anthology Armageddon, Baen Books, 1998. Reprinted in Dogs of War, Warner Books, 2002.

"A Clear Signal," novella in the original anthology Foreign Legions, Baen Books, 2001

"Boar Lake," short story in the original anthology Crossroads: Tales of the Southern Literary Fantastic, Tor Books, 2004 

"Bring Out the Ugly," novelette in Cosmic Tales II: Adventures in Far Futures, Baen Books, 2005 

"Broken Bits," novelette in the original anthology Future Weapons of War, Baen Books, 2007 

"The Ten Thousand Things," short story in the online magazine Jim Baen's Universe Vol.1, No.6. Reprinted in The Best of Jim Baen's Universe II, Baen Books, 2007 

"Reunion," short story in the original anthology Transhuman, Baen Books, 2008 

Lobo, Actually,” short story in the collection Jump Gate Twist, Baen Books, 2010

"The Long Dark Night of Diego Chan," novelette in the original anthology The Wild Side, Baen Books, 2011 

"All That's Left," short story in the original anthology Onward, Drake!, Baen Books, 2015 


Windows Performance Secrets, by Mark L. Van Name, Bill Catchings, and Richard Butner, Que Books, 1998

Afterword to The Man Who Sold The Moon & Orphans of the Sky, Baen Books, 2012


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